Previously, in Book One

by The Saga Of The European King

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It's been a long time and a lot has happened. You might need a refresher course on the King, Europe and the Saga that involves both before Book Two comes crashing through your brain. This is that refresher course.

Book Two will begin on the 16th of May. Mark this date with a dagger through your calendar.


released April 18, 2016

Written and edited by Tom McNally
Performed by Amy Sutton, Joshua Crisp, Tom McNally and Ben Edwards

Amy Sutton: Sally Minefield, Ex-Queen, Prince Prince, Queen Medb, Saint Francis and Pineycone
Joshua Crisp: Father Figaro, Axe Axewound, Colonel Glowfist, Ba'al, the Green King
Tom McNally: Narration, the King, Terrorthaw, General Magnificent, Mechanicus, the Devil
Ben Edwards: Cutty

Theme tune music and interstitials by Nicolai Roos

Sound effects not made by Tom McNally are courtesy of the wonderful community. This episode included the following:

Little wings by user dobroide (
magpie-wingsflapping by user digifishmusic (
swansflyby by user (
beating-wings by user ( )
bird-building02, grackles by user (
bird-flapping-wings by user (
mallad-and-mandarin-ducks-with-take-off by user (

04342-sucking-vacuum-whooshes by user robinhood76
vaccum by user tpb




The Saga Of The European King Brighton, UK

A love letter to the franchise fiction that destroyed culture. A medieval king sets out to do what all tyrants dream of - to murder Winter alongside all his best friends.

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